Aquaponics in Nebraska

Aquaponics in Nebraska

Aquaponics in NebraskaAquaponics in NebraskaAquaponics in Nebraska

We grow plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers using all-natural nutrient and sustainable cultivation methods.

Our mission is to help grow a healthy community with fresh, local horticultural products.

Talks + Tours

Jeff Jirovec, Owner @ Grow with the Flow Aquaponics

Learn more about aquaponics and our unique systems.

Flowers + Design

Flowers and event florals in Nebraska

Fresh-cut blooms and design for weddings, events, and more!

Herbs + Veggies

Heirloom brandywine tomato

We grow vegetables, herbs and greens year-round.

Aquaponics = Growing fish and plants together.

Stage 1

We raise our fish in freshwater tanks where they swim, eat, and produce an ammonia-rich waste.

Stage 2

The soiled water is pumped through a biofilter where nitrogen-fixing bacteria convert fish waste into nutrient.

Stage 3

Plants absorb the nutrient-rich effluent, returning clean water back into the fish tank – and the aquaponic cycle continues.

Our Team

Jeff & Heather

Jeff and Heather, owners of Grow with the Flow Aquaponic Horticulture in Denton, Nebraska



Hannah, Floral Designer and Copywriter at Grow with the Flow in Denton, Nebraska

Floral Manager/Copywriter


Taylor Riecken, floral manager at Grow with the Flow in Denton, Nebraska

Floral Designer


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