Aquaponics in Nebraska

We grow plants, herbs, produce and flowers using all-natural nutrient and sustainable cultivation methods.

Our mission is to grow a healthy community with fresh, local horticultural products. 

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What we do

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Jeff Jirovec, Owner @ Grow with the Flow Aquaponics

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Flowers + Design

Sustainable local wedding flowers

Now offering fresh cut blooms and floral design for weddings and events

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Herbs + Veggies

Heirloom brandywine tomato

We use aquaponics to grow vegetables, leafy greens, and culinary herbs

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Aquaponics = growing fish and plants together

Stage 1

Our fish are raised in freshwater tanks where they swim, eat, and produce ammonia-rich waste

Stage 2

The soiled water is pumped through a biofilter where nitrogen-fixing bacteria convert fish waste into nutrient

Stage 3

Plants absorb the nutrient-rich effluent, removing it from the system and returning clean water to the fish tank

Our Systems

Our Team

Jeff & Heather

Jeff and Heather, owners of Grow with the Flow Aquaponic Horticulture in Denton, Nebraska



Taylor Riecken, floral manager at Grow with the Flow in Denton, Nebraska

Floral Manager


Hannah, Floral Designer and Copywriter at Grow with the Flow in Denton, Nebraska

Floral Designer/Copywriter


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